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Winter Snow Moon Reatreat

with Body Mind Odyssey and New Dawn Yoga

Friday, February 23rd - Saturday, February 24th

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 Friday ($75)

Saturday ($185)

Both Days ($220)

Join the Body Mind Odyssey facilitators for a healing retreat coinciding with the Winter Snow Moon!


What can you expect from this retreat?  A loving, safe space to learn about and experience a variety of healing modalities including breathing techniques, symbol interpretation, meditation, cacao, yoga, and reiki!


The Body Mind Odyssey crew is passionate about personal growth, healing, and transformative spiritual experiences in an authentic, inclusive, and accessible space.  We are here to share experiences, time, and space with others to connect, collaborate and encourage others on their healing journey - whatever that may look like! 


Schedule subject to modification:


Friday 02/23/2024 6:30-9:00 pm

Body Mind Odyssey Model & The 3 Selves

Breathing Techniques

Symbols, Nature Symbols & Interpretation

Totem Animals & Chakras- Guided Meditation


Saturday 02/24/2024 11:00 am-7:30 pm

Cacao Ceremony

Yoga & Meditation

Herb Balls

Guided Meditation & Breathing Techniques:

The Secret Smile

MicroCosmic Orbit

The Elevator & the 3 Selves

Group Reiki with a Crystal Grid

Meet your facilitators:


+++ Dana Laidig, grew up in Cedar Falls and currently residing in Waterloo, has been a Spiritual Practitioner for over 5 years, reaching the status of Reiki II Practitioner in the last 2 years.

Proficient in crystal healing, energy movement and clearing, and utilizing sound for healing purposes, Dana strongly believes in integrating Reiki and other spiritual practices into daily life and wants to motivate others to shape their individual paths using the universal healing power of Reiki.

She successfully launched her own Reiki business and is a founding member of Body Mind Odyssey.

Beyond her spiritual pursuits, Dana finds joy in traveling, hiking, and reading.

Her future aspiration and goal is to inspire others to create their own healing communities through the principles of Reiki and other practices.


+++ KarLee Kearns, a certified Reiki II practitioner, founding member of Body Mind Odyssey, and the visionary owner of Reiki ER. She has two beautifully wild kiddos that keep her on her toes. Residing in Waterloo, KarLee has dedicated the past four years to the intricate realms of energy and healing. Her journey began in 2012, where she compassionately worked with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, unveiling the profound impact of holistic healing.

KarLee recognizes the pivotal role that healing plays in nurturing both our bodies and minds, understanding that it serves as the cornerstone for a life brimming with bliss and transformation. As an advocate for holistic well-being, she seamlessly integrates her expertise as a Reiki II practitioner and her commitment to Body Mind Odyssey to create an environment that fosters healing at its core. KarLee's mission is to empower individuals to embark on their personal journey towards wellness, embracing the transformative power that healing brings to every aspect of life. She invites others to join in the pursuit of a harmonious existence.

+++ Shawn McAninch has over 35 years of experience in Meditation, Martial Arts & Self Defense. He has trained around the world in numerous self-protection/self-development systems such as: Karate, Jujitstu, Aikido, Judo, Tai Chi, Krav Maga, Ninjitsu/Budo Taijistu, and Boxing. He is an authorized instructor of Saito Ninjitsu, Hoshinjutsu, Gozan Ryu, & Kali/Escrima Concepts.
Shawn has also studied various for of massage including Seifukujutsu, Lomi Lomi, Trigger Point Therapy, and shiatsu. He has training directly with modern-day shamans such as Mark Saito Jr and the Chicken Man.
Shawn is a Grimes resident and Training Specialist with The Institute for Community Alliance. He is happily married, two adult children, two dogs, and an orange cat. He is passionate about teaching and has a unique way of taking complex subjects and explaining them in understandable ways.
“I have climbed volcanoes, swam with sharks, and been beat-up by girls.”

+++ Carrie Eischeid (she/her), co-founder of Body Mind Odyssey, has an extensive background in the anti-violence movement spanning over a decade. Throughout her tenure and as a mom of two beautiful babies, she came to realize it was imperative to equip herself with tools and spiritual support to endure the strain and grim realities of everyday stress and violence that impact our families and communities.
Carrie has always exhibited a natural inclination toward compassion for others and an insatiable thirst for communal connection and learning from diverse experiences. It was during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that she embarked on her transformative journey of meditation and spiritual awakening. In 2023, she achieved certification as a Reiki II practitioner, further immersing herself in meditation, tarot, astrology, and crystal healing practices. Carrie firmly believes that establishing a profound connection with our bodies is paramount to fostering individual and collective healing.

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